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Other Vickers Related Sites:

  • Vickers MG Collection and Research Association Facebook Page
  • Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Units and Histories:

  • Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades' Association
  • 2/3rd (Australian) Machine Gun Battalion
  • Hong Kong War Diary
  • Perth Regiment of Canada
  • Small Arms School Corps Comrades' Association

    General Weapons Information:

  • Weapons OnLine Association (& Forum)
  • Light Machine Gun
  • The R.E.M.E. Museum
  • Cannon, Machine Guns and Ammunition
  • Cartridge Corner

    General Military Information:

  • The Long, Long Trail: The story of the British Army in the First World War
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Imperial War Museum
  • National Archives of Australia
  • National Archives of Canada
  • Soldiers of Oxfordshire Trust

    Battlefield Information:

  • Battlefield tours to Monte Cassino, Anzio and Salerno:
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