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Class / TypeCalibreQuantityYear
Mk. I8mm Lebel20001914-1916
Mk. I*.303-inch1771916
Mk. I*.303-inch27671917
Mk. I*.303-inch32941918

The French also produced their own version of the Mk. II aircraft gun in .303-inch to ensure compatibility. This production commenced in 1917 and finished in 1919. Some conversion to and production of 11mm Gras chambered weapons also took place.

During the Second World War, the Free French Forces were supplied by the British and the US. Where the British were the supplier (North West Europe), they used British service guns, including the 'K' gun by Commando Troops.

Hobart (1971) identifies that the French Army used the Vickers MG after the Second World War, along with Browning and German MG42 Machine Guns, including the conflict in Indo-China. He further identifies that one of the failings of the French operations in Indo-China were due to the wide range of ammunition types used and the failure of the logistics operations to ensure continuity of supply of all the calibres.


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