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Pte. Frederick John Hinton

Fred Hinton was my Great-Grandfather (my Grandfather's Father). He was not a Machine Gunner, yet his influence on the establishment of the collection warrants his inclusion on this website.

He was captured in March, 1918.

Fred, and his brother Edgar, lived at The Croft, Wanborough. They were the grandsons of a Swindon Mayor - James Hinton - and the sons of a prominent Wanborough Farmer and member of the local Council. It was their father - also called Frederick - who organised the recruitment meeting, on 03 September, 1914, where both sons joined the 1/1st Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry.

On 26 September, 1917, the 1/1st was effectively disbanded and all Officers and Other Ranks were transferred to the 6th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, which was renamed the 6th (Wiltshire Yeomanry) Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment.


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