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Royal Ulster Rifles

Inter-war - Second World War - Post-war

Inter-war Period

On 01 January, 1921, the Royal Ulster Rifles was formed by renaming the Royal Irish Rifles.

In 1922, the Machine Gun Corps was disbanded and the guns returned to the Infantry Battalion as a Machine Gun Platoon and then formed as a Machine Gun Company in the early 1930s.

Second World War

This remained until the formation of Divisional Machine Gun Battalions in 1936 where guns were brigaded once again.

However during the Second World War, the 1st (Airborne) Battalion of the Royal Ulster Rifles became an Airlanding Battalion of the 6th Airlanding Brigade of the 6th Airborne Division. This Battalion therefore retained a Machine Gun Platoon within its support company. These guns were transport using 'Man Carry' and with Jeeps.

Airborne Divisions Glider Qualified

The 6th Airborne Division was formed on 3rd May 1943. It saw action at the following battles:

  • Normandy (6th June 1944)
  • Rhine Crossing (23rd March - 18th April 1945)

    Post-Second World War

    After the Second World War, the MG assets reverted to MG Platoons within support companies of Infantry Battalions.


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