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1st Motor Machine Gun Brigade:

The Second World War

The Motor Machine Gun Brigades were formed in May and June 1940. They were formed to provide a rapid reaction force to the potential invasion threat.
Date formed:30 May 1940
Date disbanded:12 October 1940 - Reorganised and redesignated as 26th Armoured Brigade.
Commander:Brigadier M.B. Burrows
16th/5th Lancers30 May 1940 to 11 October 1940
17th/21st Lancers30 May 1940 to 11 October 1940
2nd Lothians and Border Horse12 June 1940 to 11 October 1940
Higher formations served under:
Eastern Command (UK)30 May 1940 to 11 June 1940
12 Corps (UK)11 June 1940 to 11 October 1940

Eastern Command


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