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Manufacturer's Markings

Most Vickers MGs are not clearly marked as to who the manufacturer was as the War Office contract guns did not require anything further than a serial number. The exception to this rule is the Commercial Guns as the manufacturer wished all to know who produced the gun as an additional marketing technique.

Despite this, many components and parts of guns were marked with initials or, in the Second World War, a manufacturers code. In some instances, dates were alse stamped.

Marking on feedblock. S 26. Climax Rock Drill Company, Cam Brea, Cornwall.

Marking on feedblock. V.A.N.. Presumed Vickers Armstrongs but 'N' unknown.

Marking on trigger bar. VSM. Vickers Sons & Maxim.

Marking on Muzzle Attachment Cup. B.W. Ltd. London. Bowden Wire Co., Willesden Junction, London.

Marking on Tripod mounting blocks. R.C.D. 1913. Royal Carriage Department, 1913.

Marking on Tripod Direction Pointer Mk. II. D. Enfield.

Marking on Belt Repairing Tool. W.T & Co. 1916. Wynn, Timmins & Co Ltd., Birmingham, 1916.

Marking on Feedblock Top Pawls spring. MA. Made in Australia.

Marking on Mk. II* Tangent Sight slide. MA42. Made in Australia, 1942.

Marking on Mk. III Spare Parts and Tools Box. S.343. Nicholls & James, St. Mary's St., High Wycombe, Bucks.

Marking on bottom of rear cross-piece. VSM. Vickers Sons & Maxim.

Table of WW2 Manufacturer's Codes found on Vickers MG Components and Accessories
Code Manufacturer
S 26 Climax Rock Drill Company, Cam Brea, Cornwall
S 81 Monotype Corporation Ltd., Salfords, Redhill
S 343 Nicholls & James, St. Mary's St., High Wycombe, Bucks


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