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I scan and make available various manuals within the collection. Those relevant to the Vickers MG are below. Other manuals are available at Weapons OnLine and Living History OnLine.

The manuals are available to download directly or, if unavailable, order by email. If you have difficulties downloading, please check the box and submit your selection by pressing the button at the bottom of the page. In order to ensure continued availability, please consider donating to support this library.

If you have any manuals not on this list, please Contact Me with details, particularly if you wish to sell them.

A full online version of the 1951 Manual on the Medium Machine Gun is available.

These downloads are provided free-of-charge for the benefit of anyone that wants to know more about the use of the Vickers Machine Gun and know what the Machine Gunners would have known. Many of rare items not readily available so, if you find them useful, please support the development of this resource. All donations are reinvested in the management of the website or the expansion of the collection and dissemination of information:

DVDs and CDs of these manuals are available on the Sales page.
Armourer's Documents & Parts Lists

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Commercial Guides

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Field Service Pocket Books

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Infantry Training

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Machine Gun Training

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Military Training Pamphlets

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Other Official Publications

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Range Tables

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Small Arms Training Manuals

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Tank Training

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If you feel the files are of use to you, please:

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