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Permanent Display

From 2014, the VMGCRA has a permanent display space that can be visited by special arrangement. This is an opportunity to view the entire collection (with the exception of any items on loan elsewhere) and to meet the VMGCRA team. This includes all of the research material that the VMGCRA holds. Visits can be arranged for individuals or small groups - this can be done through the Contact page.

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Living History

The VMGCRA has provided displays of the Vickers MG in a historical context independently and as part of a wider group of individuals or associations. These pages show some of the photos and explain some of the context of the displays. Few of the photos are the property of the VMGCRA and where they are sourced from elsewhere, the link is shown below the photo to the original source and where, often, you can find more of the photos of the show. If a link is not shown, it means the original source cannot be located - if this is your photo, please contact using the link on the contents page.

  • Wimpole Hall, Cambridge, UK (September, 2016) - 1st Special Air Service Regiment, France, 1944
  • Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2016) - 1st Bn, Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment, Italy, 1945
  • Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2015) - 7th Bn, Cheshire Regiment, Italy, 1944
  • Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2014) - 2nd Bn, Middlesex Regiment, France, 1944
  • War & Peace Revival, Kent, UK (July, 2014) - (Queen's Own) Royal West Kent Regiment, Malaya, 1954
  • Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2013) - 2nd Bn, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, France, 1944
  • War & Peace Revival, Kent, UK (July, 2013) - (Queen's Own) Royal West Kent Regiment, Malaya, 1954
  • Chalke Valley History Festival, Wiltshire, UK (June, 2013) - Machine Gun Corps, France, 1917
  • British Airborne Platoon Training Weekend, Ashdown Camp, Evesham, UK (March, 2013) - Airborne Forces Machine Gun Training Centre, UK, 1944
  • Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2012) - 7th Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Netherlands, 1944
  • War & Peace Show, Beltring, Kent, UK (July, 2012) - Machine Gun Corps, France, 1918
  • Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2011) - 7th Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Netherlands, 1944
  • Chiltern Open Air Museum, Chalfont-St-Giles (May, 2008) - 12th Bn, Devonshire Regiment, UK, 1944

    Static Displays and Talks

    Static displays of the collection, for a specific audience or a wide range of people, provide the opportunity to see the items in a more 'regular' museum-type context, with the benefit of hands-on the items. This can provide more information and the opportunity to explain more about how the items work from a technical, rather than a practical, point-of-view. It is also possible to do talks and presentations on the use of the Vickers.

  • Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades' Association Lunch, Belton Park, Grantham, UK (October, 2015)
  • Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades' Association Lecture and Lunch, Belton Park, Grantham, UK (October, 2013)
  • Glider Pilot Regiment Annual Dinner and Reunion, Army Aviation Centre, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, UK (February, 2013)
  • Private Display, Swindon, UK (August, 2012)
  • Private Display for Devon & Dorsets MG Platoon, Swindon, UK (October, 2011)
  • Western Front Association Somerset Branch Conference, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, UK (October, 2010)
  • Private Display for MGC History Project, Swindon, UK (October, 2008)


    Given the breadth of the VMGCRA collection, loans of items not readily required are available to established and reputable locations that can offer appropriate levels of security and responsibility.

  • Stories of Sacrifice Exhibition, British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester, UK (January 2016 to ...)
  • Swindon in the Great War, Swindon Museum & Art Gallery, Swindon, UK (August 2014 to January 2015)
  • English Heritage, Wellington Arch, London, UK (July to November, 2014)


  • Unless otherwise mentioned above, all photos are from the VMGCRA.
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