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The VMGCRA has provided displays of the Vickers MG in a historical context independently and as part of a wider group of individuals or associations. This page shows some of the photos and explains some of the context of the displays. Few of the photos are the property of the VMGCRA and where they are sourced from elsewhere, the link is shown below the photo to the original source and where, often, you can find more of the photos of the show. If a link is not shown, it means the original source cannot be located - if this is your photo, please contact using the link on the contents page.

War & Peace Revival, Nr. Folkestone, Kent, UK

Portraying the 1st Battalion of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment in Malaya, 1954. The Support Company included a Machine Gun Platoon. In the jungle environment of Malaya, Land Rovers were used instead of Universal Carriers. The context of the display is a forward operating area using indirect fire in support of patrols of the Rifle Companies. The Support Company also provided personnel for patrols to support the Rifle Companies, leaving reduced gun teams, and requiring soldiers to be equipped in a similar manner to patrols.

The uniforms worn are a mixture of 1944 and 1950 pattern jungle trousers, jackets and hats, with the personal equipment being the 1944 pattern web equipment. Weapons include the Mk. V Sten Machine Carbine, No. 5 Lee-Enfield Rifles, a Mk. III Bren Light Machine Gun and revolvers. Also shown is the G.S. Carrier loaded with the equipment for a Vickers Machine Gun, as per the 1951 manual. This includes the No. 31 Wireless Set.

Whilst the static display was the main focus of the show, the Land Rover took part in the arena parade and was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Land Rover to take part.

 photo P1090819_zps80c705d6.jpg

 photo P1090790_zpsad0314c4.jpg

 photo P1090791_zps14806e3f.jpg

 photo P1090792_zps0abb1579.jpg  photo P1090793_zps0b12fb79.jpg

 photo P1090794_zps41dfd2e3.jpg  photo P1090795_zpsd2026d92.jpg

 photo P1090796_zps9db10409.jpg  photo P1090797_zps26d2c463.jpg

 photo P1090799_zps2ca16938.jpg  photo P1090800_zpsf76fc349.jpg

 photo P1090801_zps25061aa8.jpg

 photo P1090802_zpsa51f3f70.jpg

 photo P1090803_zps7e074504.jpg

 photo P1090805_zpscca568e6.jpg

 photo P1090806_zpsf152d9e4.jpg

 photo P1090807_zps75a044a3.jpg

 photo P1090808_zps7466de67.jpg

 photo P1090809_zps31d647c4.jpg

 photo P1090810_zps651a48bb.jpg

 photo P1090811_zps3d6496cc.jpg

 photo P1090812_zpse928cec2.jpg

 photo P1090813_zps1b3e512a.jpg

 photo P1090814_zps08d9a63c.jpg

 photo P1090815_zps99ab3c5d.jpg

 photo P1090816_zpsb9652c16.jpg

 photo P1090817_zpsc58ae320.jpg

 photo P1090820_zpsdbc900c2.jpg

 photo P1090821_zps20654c66.jpg

 photo P1090822_zpsc07847a3.jpg

 photo P1090823_zps681c331f.jpg

 photo P1090825_zpsa9fa01e4.jpg

 photo P1090826_zps4f684d72.jpg

 photo P1090827_zps3491496a.jpg

 photo P1090828_zpsa01ae1bc.jpg

 photo P1090829_zps5d583977.jpg

 photo P1090830_zps25e0327d.jpg

 photo P1090831_zps917a661d.jpg

 photo P1090832_zps62da5b99.jpg

 photo P1090833_zps4b2655f8.jpg

 photo P1090835_zpsbd54ea47.jpg

 photo P1090836_zps5fe35c67.jpg

 photo P1090838_zpsd3b929fd.jpg

 photo P1090839_zps255d4d91.jpg

 photo P1090840_zpsecd6db96.jpg

 photo P1090842_zps92bbdb82.jpg

 photo P1090843_zpsa63239f4.jpg

 photo P1090844_zps754e4b8c.jpg

 photo P1090845_zpsffdfc12f.jpg

 photo P1090846_zpsd52a8e33.jpg

 photo P1090847_zps6529673e.jpg

 photo P1090848_zpsf71516b4.jpg

 photo P1090849_zps9e2200b0.jpg

 photo P1090850_zps6c7510ec.jpg

 photo P1090851_zpsdbfea064.jpg

 photo P1090852_zpsc31ff894.jpg

 photo P1090853_zps922b7a69.jpg

 photo P1090854_zpsd94379e9.jpg

 photo P1090855_zps5ebc2253.jpg

 photo P1090856_zps0c3e244a.jpg

 photo P1090857_zps3991f893.jpg

 photo P1090858_zpsa20be064.jpg

 photo P1090859_zps8a467d38.jpg

 photo P1090861_zpscbec8812.jpg

 photo P1090862_zpse8e101df.jpg

 photo P1090863_zpsb6e73d2e.jpg

 photo P1090864_zpsdad26bce.jpg

 photo P1090865_zps4a839442.jpg

 photo P1090866_zps5cbd1d9e.jpg

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 photo P1090872_zps209d2585.jpg

 photo P1090873_zps3696c914.jpg

 photo P1090874_zps25b32d5a.jpg

 photo P1090879_zps49404979.jpg

 photo P1090880_zpsbdd52e5d.jpg  photo P1090889_zps690e61c7.jpg  photo P1090888_zps9f8e280a.jpg

 photo P1090890_zps7cfffa71.jpg  photo P1090892_zpsd2cad381.jpg

 photo P1090893_zps01e0d43f.jpg  photo P1090898_zps8cb1af77.jpg

The following photos were provided by John Bellingham, a veteran of the 1st Bn, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, who served in a Rifle Company in Malaya during the time period portrayed.

 photo WPF_3065ed2_zps69531393.jpg

 photo WPF_3072ed1_zps9f39ac77.jpg

 photo WPF_3071ed1_zps56a878f0.jpg

 photo WPF_3070ed1_zps6ba514e7.jpg

 photo WPF_3061ed1_zpsb7a25893.jpg

 photo WPF_3066ed1_edited-1_zpsb29fa784.jpg

 photo WPF_3067ed2_zps0d930ea5.jpg

 photo WPF_3060ed1_zps55a8fb4d.jpg

 photo WPF_3066ed1_zps81606cc4.jpg

 photo WPF_3064ed2_zps60fc7751.jpg

 photo WPF_30ed1_zps0683a1d1.jpg

 photo WPF_3059ed1_zpsd7f5b68c.jpg


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