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Given the breadth of the VMGCRA collection, loans of items not readily required are available to established and reputable locations that can offer appropriate levels of security and responsibility.

English Heritage, Wellington Arch, London, UK (July to November 2014)

The VMGCRA was contacted to request support for a display to commemorate the War Memorials that English Heritage manages in London. This includes the 'Boy David' memorial to the Machine Gun Corps at Hyde Park Corner. EH put on an exhibition of their material related to the memorials they manage and they wanted to include a Vickers MG to display inside Wellington Arch, also on Hyde Park Corner.

Details of Wellington Arch, and their present and past exhibitions, can be found on the English Heritage website here.

A few photos of the display are below:

 photo P1150491_zpsb09d13bc.jpg

Richard Fisher with the gun and items in the MGC display cabinet:

 photo P1150489_zpsd6075966.jpg

Lucy and Jane Fisher taking a closer look:

 photo P1150465_zps0ee6e7b4.jpg

Bob Fisher's turn:

 photo P1150464_zps9ccf4b13.jpg

 photo P1150463_zps5e28de75.jpg

 photo P1150462_zpse3e06c1b.jpg

 photo P1150469_zps98f76b73.jpg

 photo P1150467_zps3e08c480.jpg

 photo P1150470_zps39bf0045.jpg

 photo P1150473_zps5f51b281.jpg

 photo P1150471_zps30f1afda.jpg

 photo P1150466_zps4a8b6b5b.jpg

View of the Boy David from the top of Wellington Arch:

 photo P1150482_zps294da534.jpg

View of the Royal Artillery memorial from the top of Wellington Arch:

 photo P1150479_zps4cc810c8.jpg

 photo P1150476_zps0130a156.jpg


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