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The VMGCRA has provided displays of the Vickers MG in a historical context independently and as part of a wider group of individuals or associations. This page shows some of the photos and explains some of the context of the displays. Few of the photos are the property of the VMGCRA and where they are sourced from elsewhere, the link is shown below the photo to the original source and where, often, you can find more of the photos of the show. If a link is not shown, it means the original source cannot be located - if this is your photo, please contact using the link on the contents page.

Chalke Valley History Festival, Wiltshire, UK

The Association was invited to work alongside a number of Great War Living History groups at the Chalke Valley History Festival. This was the first occasion the Limbered Wagon had been on a living history display and the first time it had been to a public display for over ten years. The intention was to represent a small section of life out of the front line. This would have involved cleaning the weapons, refilling ammunition belts and generally getting back up together ready to go forward again.

The display was well received and worked well with the other groups in attendance: Skinner's Horse; 10th Essex Regiment Living History Group; The Warwicks 1914-1918; Yeoman Living History. Certainly hope to do similar in the future.

Those who visited the display included a number of retired officers with experience of the Vickers MG from the 1950s and 60s, relatives of members of the Machine Gun Corps and relatives of the first Commandant of the Machine Gun School at Netheravon, as well as many others with a general interest or no interest at all.

 photo P1090745_zpsef3ca9eb.jpg

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Two of the Directors of the VMGCRA.

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For further information on the equipment being carried, please see the No. 1 mancarry page.

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Chalke Valley history Jun13 0014 by Tony Lock 5, on Flickr

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Barry James Wilson on FlickR


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